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Feb 25, 2005 03:19 PM

Rind on bacon?

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I accidently bought some rind on bacon. When I cooked some of it it tasted great except the perimeter of it was hard and chewy. It's already sliced. Am I supposed to cut the rind off? What do you do with this type of bacon?


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  1. Aimee,

    Almost wanted to wait to see what others said, but over here in UK (and for me) it's bedtime. To me rind on is the normal state for bacon, it help it not to dry out too quickly (OK, not when sliced).

    Leave rind on, fry or grill, you get wrinkled bacon and a mix of crip rind and chewy rind - some like those textures.

    Use scissors to snip the rind at (say 1") intervals - just down to the fat, then the bacon lays flatter in the pan, grill and all the rind can be crisped.

    Rind on gives a thickness to ragouts or similar foods - if you don't like the texture of simmered rind, then cut it off (along the fat line) add it to the stew (ragout or whatever) and then remove it before serving.


    1. Think of it as the peel on a fruit. If it's too tough to eat, cut it off after you've cooked the bacon.

      1. When I was a kid that was my favorite type of bacon. I hardly ever see it any more. I did find some in a meat market in Toledo one time a few years ago. To me it was great but my DH did not care for it, He thought it was too hard to chew. As the others suggested, trim it off if you don't care for it. I wish I could get some more.