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Feb 24, 2005 01:08 PM

Eggs with really, really golden yolks

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I've been watching a lot of cooking shows recently. Where can I find eggs with a really golden yolk, almost orange? Like the eggs Nigella Lawson and Jaime Oliver use? Are they a special breed only available in the UK?

I've tried supermarket eggs, Trader Joes Organic eggs, Omega3 eggs only to be disappointed with the light yellow yolks. Am I out of luck? I'm in the LA area if any has any suggestions.


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  1. If you know of a dairy farmer near you, or a farmer's market where you know the farmer has just pulled the eggs from the henhouse , try that. I've found the fresher the egg, the deeper the yellow of the yolk. Don't know if this holds true as fact, but it seems that way to me!

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      The eggs I get from my uncle - a farmer - have the "Nigella" yolks. It may have something to do with the type of food the chickens consume (his scratch around his yard) or the breed of chicken. I've also bought similar eggs from a farmer at a local farmer's market, so there has to be a reason of some sort.

    2. It's all about what the chicken is fed...certain feeds make yolks orangish. In Britian, they feed the chickens something different, probably with more corn, since it is viewed more as animal food than people food over there.

      I am lucky, I live in an area lousy with chicken farms so I can get them any time. In LA, maybe the farmer's market...but you won't find them at a dairy farm...unless you want those great big cow eggs :-) Sorry, couldn't resist :-)

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        " won't find them at a dairy farm...unless you want those great big cow eggs :-) Sorry, couldn't resist :-) "

        LOL! I have NO idea what possessed me to say "dairy farm." :-/

        1. re: Linda W.

          *lol* Well, one would assume that any farmer worth his salt would throw a few chickens in a barn for the family, right :-) Gave me a good giggle - it's a very slow day here in tech support land.

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          It's about the feed but not about eating orange food. It's about being fed a good nutritious diet.

        3. In New England, we get Country Hen eggs, which have richly orange yolks. (I don't the term golden because a lot of people think that simply means yellow rather than a rich saffron color.)


          1. Interesting... I was just admiring the hard-boiled eggs we made today (we live in Spain). The color of the yolks is so beautiful. You notice it when baking, too. I'm not sure which of the many differing factors causes the difference in color:

            --eggs aren't refrigerated
            --they are fresher
            --they tend to be smaller
            --farms are much smaller
            --the eggs aren't sanitized extensively before sale
            --they are fed better food

            1. According to the PBS show: California's Gold (Hugh Howser), Marigolds are used to color chicken egg yolks.

              In the episode I am referring to: Hugh Howser found a large field of marigolds and wanted to know why the marigolds were being grown.

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                I know they feed them marigolds (especially at Tyson) to make the chicken's skin yellow, don't know about the eggs though.