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Feb 24, 2005 01:14 AM

Homemade donut/beignet craving...

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Lately I've been craving donuts or beignets w/ my coffee. I've convinced myself that if I make donuts at home, then they will be healthier than buying out. I've never made homemade donuts, only have made Cafe du Monde beignets from a mix.

Seeking recipes for:
1) donuts that are bit dif. than what you can get from a standard donut shop; donut-like treats from dif. cultures are welcome
2) jelly-filled donuts that will allow me to use good jam or lemon curd filling
3) a good beignet

NOT interested in very sweet or chocolate donuts.

BTW, do cooked donuts freeze well? Thanks so much!

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  1. This might not be what you're looking for, but when we were kids, my mother used to buy Pillsbury buttermilk biscuits, or maybe something similar, that you could pop the center out and then she would deep fry them in Crisco and we thought they were the best!

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      My family is Dutch and a few times during the year and also always at Holiday time, we make our version of the donut/beignet. It's a yeast donut,(Ole Bollen) but very simple, not very sweet, with either raisons, apples pieces or cranberries. After they are deep fried, they are rolled in powdered sugar or cin. and sugar. They, to me, taste more like a beignet than a donut--hard to eat just one. The downside is that you have to eat them fresh, they do not keep well and do not freeze well. If you'd like the recipe--just ask--I'll be happy to post it. It is our own recipe, so posting it shouldn't be a problem.

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        Of course I'm interested in a family recipe! Please post when you have a chance. Thanks.

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          Hi there,

          Hope I'm not horning in regarding an offer to post your donut recipe. I've been successful in so many pastry endeavors, but when it comes to fried donuts I've been on a years long hiatus. Whenever I've attempted a fried pastry such as a donut, they end up fairly oily. I'm very much aware of proper oil temperatures, etc. and I never have a problem with deep frying other tasty's! Someone once told me that in donut shops they use a special flour and special fat for frying. I've always thought that if I try donuts again, it would be in Peanut oil, which I've not tried yet. In any event if the offer is still good for posting your family heirloom recipe, I'd be interested.
          Cheers and thanks,

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          Absolutely!! Those were the best. A solid coating of cinnamon sugar was the topper!!

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            My did the same thing except that she would fill with sweetened red bean paste. What great memories! My mom would also steam them as well, but back then I really loved the fried ones.

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            Caitlin Wheeler

            Nigella Lawson had a recipe in the NYT for ricotta fritters that are donut like, I suppose. The recipe is copied at the link below -- scroll down for the recipe.


              1. Here is the recipe I promised ---
                Ole Bolen
                1/2 c. warm water
                1 pkg. active dry yeast
                1 tea. sugar
                Disolve yeast in water and add sugar and let sit for
                10 min. or until it starts to work: Meanwhile measure-
                1/4 c. sugar
                1 tea. salt
                1 egg
                l c. lukewarm milk
                l/4 c. soft shortening
                3 c. all purpose flour
                1 c. raisons, or dried cranberries, or diced apples

                Stir all these ing. into the yeast mixture. Mix with a
                spoon until smooth. Cover with a damp cloth and let
                rise in warm place until double in size. This takes about l l/2 hours.
                Heat peanut oil (I've found this works the best) to 360
                degrees. Use a serving tablespoon,dip into hot oil
                then dip into bolen mixture,fill spoon and roll mixture into oil. Bolen should turn themselves when cooked on one side--if not just help them over. Cook until nicely browned on outside and done all the way thru. You may want to test first few to make sure they are done to your likeing. Do not crowd in oil. When just a bit cool, roll in powdered sugar or cin. and sugar mixture.
                These are best when eaten while still warm, but you can eat a bit later on the same day by just warming for a few seconds in the microwave.

                I think you'll love these--they take a bit of time, but
                are pretty simple once you've done it a few times. My family likes them best with raisons, but my cousin in holland says it's best with apples--. Hope you enjoy them. If you make them, please let me know how you did!

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                  Thanks so much, Jackie. Recipe looks great; just the kind of thing I'm looking for! I'm not a big raisin fan, so will either use the apples or perhaps experiment w/ other dried fruit like apricots or cherries. Not sure if I'll have time to make them this weekend, but will be sure to post a follow-up when I do. Thanks again.

                  1. re: Carb Lover

                    My daughter feels the same way about raisons, so I just double dipped hers in powdered sugar to make up for the little bit of sweetness the raisons give. I think dried cherries would be great!