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Feb 23, 2005 09:42 PM

Five-star ranges

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Thanks to everyone who has answered my queries about ranges. much useful info. One more. Anyone have any experience with Five-Star appliances? My impression is that they deliver a lot of the performance and heft of Viking, wolf, etc., without all of the frills or quite the fat price tag. Opinions? Thanks!

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  1. Please once again---do not forget to scrutinize Wolf ranges. On my last post regarding your queery I was pretty basic in my response. The truth is that I know from Dacor VERY well. I didn't want to badmouth this appliance, because I was treated very ethically by this company. The truth is that their 36 inch dual fuel range had inherant flaws. After 2 years in my home with more problems than I feel like writing about, they actually bought back my oven for the exact price that I paid. My Wolf range is so utterly flawless, words cannot express. I've had it for one year and it is the jewel of my kitchen. This Friday I am doing Kansas City New York Steaks on the infra red char grill stove top feature of this oven and I am drooling already! Good luck in whatever range you purchase----but as for me, I've found stove nirvana. And yes---it is a VERY expensive range---on the other hand, as it was being put into the space where my Dacor once lived, you couldn't help but notice the huge difference in weight and insulation. A monster stove and a real workhorse.

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      Your comments on Wolf have been taken very much to heart. At the top end, Viking is off the list, Wolf very much on. Enjoy those steaks.

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        I've only seen a few of the messages posted on this site & my curiosity is peaked. We are working out plans to build a new house in North Carolina and I do a TON of cooking. For that very reason, I'm dying for a 60" 6 burner stove w/ a griddle (we grill all year on our Webber) and two self-cleaning ovens. In short, our new home will be pretty darn special and we would LOVE to put in a Wolf, but I'm not sure we can swing the price. Am I looking at a price tag of $9,000 or would I be closer at $11,000? I know it's the top of the line, but I can't find a price for it w/o talking to a rep and I'm not quite ready for that yet. (We're still living in New York and won't be moving to the new house until around this time next year.)

        Do you know anything about the Five-Star brand? They seem to be comparable in features, but what about quality, service, warranty & maintenance? Can anyone tell me some of their experiences?

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        Jeff, I agree with you on the Wolf oven. I can tell you my better half has been known to sit on the floor in front of the oven and just admire it!