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Feb 23, 2005 03:20 PM

Finally, The Real Recipe.

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Okay, so the story is one of twin obsession.
There was a french lady who was, by all accounts crabby and rude and generally horrible who ran a bakery in manhattan. Her name was Collette. Lora Brody (author of many fabulous cookbooks) was scared of Collette and sent her husband to the bakery to buy the cake. He brought the cake home, and if i'm remembering right (read the book a long time ago) they ritualistically took the phone off the hook, drew the shades, and inhaled the whole thing. She bought cakes and cakes. She watched grown men cry as they ate. She needed the recipe. She made a gazillion cakes. She was desperate. She talked to her friend Maida Heatter about it. Had Maida heard of the cake, she wondered? Had Maida heard of the cake! She sent HER charming husband to flirt with Collette who angrily threw him out when she found out he was after the recipe; She camped outside the store to see what kind of chocolate was delivered in case it was the key; she sent the cake to pastry chefs in America and Europe so they could figure it out for her. She made a gazillion cakes. Lora and Maida commiserated. They brought poor Julia Child into this sordid affair. Julia tested recipes and published her own version in a magazine mentioning Lora. Lora's mom was proud and showed off at bridge parties. Collette died, and with her hope. This is where the story ended. But apparently (probrably published in her latest book which i dont have) she had a date with destiny (sorry this is so melodramatic). Her friend was at a dinner party and had the cake; The recipe was left to the hostess by her aunt who made her promise to keep it secret until she died. The aunt was Collette; The recipe is yours on the Bakerina site. The cake is (cue trumpets): THE TRIANON


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  1. That is the recipe that is in Growing Up on the Chocolate Diet. P. 71. Brody published that in 1985 and I've made it a number of times. But I had kind of forgotten about it. Thanks for bringing it up.

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      No it can't be. That is the Julia Child recipe in The Chocolate Diet, if I remember.

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        It's in the comments section that 'Bakerina' tells about the dinner party. I'm sure she wouldn't have posted Julia Child's recipe.

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          I have the book in my lap. It is Lora Brody's Growing Up On The Chocolate Diet. The recipe is on pps 71 qnd 72

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            NO way! I'm very disappointed and have left a comment for Bakerina asking about it. It does say that that is Julia's version in the book along with a comment about it not being the Trianon but being good or something, doesn't it?

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              Or perhaps you have a later edition, after she discovers the recipe?

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                I have the 1985 edition where Lora Brody talls the entire tale. Julia is never mentioned.

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                  I guess that means all's rosy and I just chanced upon the first printing and assumed the recipe didn't surface until recently.