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Feb 23, 2005 01:48 PM

What to do with LOTS of leeks??

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I get a box of organic vegies each week - and lately I've gotten more leeks than I know what to do with!!!O.k., I've made about all the leek soup I can take, I've read further down about freezing the green parts for vegetable stock... But what are other ideas for all these leeks...?

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  1. Braised leeks are a fantastic vegetable and go well with just about anything. Prepare them as you normally would, i.e., remove the dark green tops, slice longitudinally and fan under running water to flush out the sand, trim the root end a bit while leaving base to hold everything together, then simply simmer them in some good stock with a bit of butter and seasoning to taste until they get nice and soft.

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      Braised leeks, wrapped in ham, served with a mornay sauce...out of this world.

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        Leeks wrapped in ham? Be still, my beating heart! Best thing I've heard of since I opened the current Saveur and saw the recipe for bacon tempura.

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      You could make Marcella Hazan's pasta with leeks. Here's the thread where I originally posted about it, and one of the entries includes the paraphrased recipe.


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            i once made a macaroni and cheese that had leeks in it. they added a really nice flavor.

          2. If you make chicken soup, throw a few of the leeks in- I occasionally use those instead of yellow onions- they add a special flavor to the soup. Leeks are also great in frittatas.