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Feb 22, 2005 01:29 PM

Cabbage soup anyone?

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I have a nice head of cabbage and want to make soup--anybody have a good recipe or two to toast these frozen Michigan toes?

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  1. berkley babe, i don't know what you're doing in michigan if february. is someone holding you hostage and denying you access to cookbooks yet letting you use the internet? by the way, tommorow is farmer's market day out here in cali

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        there's a "berkley" (spelled just like that) in michigan

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          Yup, that's us, Berkley, Michigan. Thus, the berkleybabe!

    1. How about a nice borscht? Here's my mom's recipe...passed down from her mom, etc etc...and also appearing in the Mennonite Treasurey of Recipes...kind of a universal, every mennonite woman knows how to make this kind of soup. I add more veg to mine, but that's just me. And I never have savory, although my mom does, and it's good too.

      CABBAGE BORSCHT (Mennonite)

      2 lbs - beef short ribs or soup bones or beef stock, or a farmer sausage ring boiled in the water and chopped up...anything, really - ham, etc works as well.
      2 qts. - water (cold)
      1 - medium head of cabbage chopped smallish
      2 - medium potatoes cubed
      1 - medium onion minced
      1 - tsp. salt
      1 - small bay leaf
      1/4 - tsp. summer savory - if you don't have it, leave it out.
      1/4 - tsp. dill - or use fresh dill if you have it - I like a lot more in my soup.
      1 1/2 tsp - parsley (preferably root parsley)
      Dash of pepper
      1 - large can of diced tomatoes

      1. Boil meat in the water for about an hour
      2. Then add all the other ingredients
      3. Bring to a boil
      4. Let simmer for about 2 hours.... the longer it simmers the better it is.
      5. It is great with fresh brown bread and butter.

      (Optional) 1/2 cup of whipping cream may be added at the end to make a creamier soup. Or just add a dollop of sour cream.

      1. I adore the linked recipe for cabbage soup made with white wine, prosciutto and topped with crumbled Roquefort. It sounds odd, but it's delicious.


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          That sounds FANTASTIC! I can't wait to try it.

        2. I just adore a good sweet and sour cabbage soup - but normally i use red cabbage for it. But there's no reason you can't use green. Chop up the cabbage into small chunky pieces. Add to about 2-3 quarts water with a large can of whole tomatoes (crush up with your hands). Add a chopped up large onion, a bay leaf, a couple of black peppercorns and a good amount of salt 1-3 T. Bring to a boil. Simmer for several hours as the smell of cabbage permeates your house, your hair, your clothes, your pets, etc. When ready, add a couple shakes of tabasco sauce, a good handful of sugar and 2-3 T. of red or white wine vinegar. Prepare to get toasty. BTW - this is also an excellent base for boiled beef or short ribs or ox-tails.

          1. I made a lovely one the other day...wilt the cabbage, cut up in 1/4 inch short strips in a nice large quantity of toasted walnut oil...add some water, some young potatoes, spice as you like - I used just black pepper, a little salt and some caraway seeds. Top with cubes of bread lightly browned in walnut oil.