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Feb 22, 2005 11:58 AM

duck thighs

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I just acquired 5 lbs of skinless duck thighs and I'm wondering if anyone has any ideas for cooking with them. I've been looking on the web, but most recipes are for duck confit, which requires the fat and presumably the skin.
Thanks for any ideas!

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  1. Get some duck fat from a good grocer/butcher or order it from d'Artagnan and go for the confit.

    1. yes, yes, yes! i had the same problem a few weeks ago... though, I didn't WANT to confit them - no patient enough.

      The link below contains my recipe, which turned out extraordinarily well!


      1. Since you indicated that your thighs are skinless, then you might consider brining and then poaching on low heat. "The Whole Beast" book has a very easy recipe for "poached salted duck legs", so I'm assuming thighs only would be fine. The most fascinating part of the recipe is that you brine the meat for ONE WEEK before cooking. Not sure if it makes a dif. if your duck is skinless; maybe you'd reduce the brining time by half? Sounds like you may have a fair number of thighs, so perhaps you can use a few to experiment w/ this recipe.

        Brine ingredients:
        2 c. superfine sugar
        2 1/4 c. coarse sea salt
        12 juniper berries
        12 cloves
        12 black peppercorns
        3 bay leaves
        4 qts. water

        Directions paraphrased: put everything in pot and bring to boil til sugar and salt dissolve. Decant into non-reactive container and cool. When cold, add meat and leave in brine for specified recipe (can be applied to pork belly, beef brisket, bottom round, ox tongue).

        I believe the restaurant may leave it out of fridge (since technically brining is preserving the meat); however, recipe says it's fine to put in fridge if you are "bacterially anxious."

        To cook duck:
        Rinse off brine. Place duck in pot w/ head of garlic, 2 whole carrots, 2 leeks, 2 celery stalks, 2 onions, 2 bay leaves, bouquet garni (fresh herbs bundled together), 12 black peppercorns. Proportions are meant for 6 duck legs so adjust accordingly.

        Cover w/ water, bring to gentle boil, reduce to calm simmer, cook for about one hour til they give but aren't completely falling off bone. Serve w/ lentils.

        1. Coarse grind the duck thighs along with 1# smoked bacon, 12 garlic cloves, corriander seed, fennel seed, salt, pepper and a touch of cayenne.

          roll the force meat up in plastic wrap (or stuff sausage into casings) and poach in 180f degree water, (or smoke or grill) YUMYUM eatem up!!!!!