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Feb 21, 2005 05:31 PM

Whole Squid Battle...results and photos!

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Ok, right now I'm feeling pretty smug w/ myself--I won't even feign humility today. First, I conquered my first whole squid battle last night on my home turf and lived to tell Iron Chef w/o the competitor part or pressure to make five amazing dishes. It was just me, the squid, a recipe from Corinne Trang (nicely paraphrased by Candy if you scroll down the board a bit)...and my digital camera.

I've been documenting my home creations since Dec. when I got myself a Canon Powershot A95. However, being the tech-challenged person that I am, it's been a slow process of learning to use the camera, downloading pics to computer, uploading to server, and finally sharing them w/ the cyberworld, namely you, my fellow CH culinary comrades--who push yourselves to do better in the trenches everyday. So, getting to the point of sharing these photos w/ you is my second source of pride.

With all that build-up, I really hope the link to my ofoto album below will work. Bear w/ me if any fine-tuning is in order.

A few words to preface the pictorial: I am utterly grateful and joyful that: a) I tried making something w/ whole squid and b) that I used Ms. Trang's recipe as a guide (I rarely follow recipes these days). I've never handled or made fresh whole squid in my home kitchen; it was easier than I anticipated and more delicious than I could have imagined. I highly recommend this experience and recipe and will be playing w/ new variations to come.

Ok, I'll shut up now and let the pictures and captions speak for themselves...enjoy!


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  1. Your link did not work. Sigh! I'd love to see the pictures. I made the soup with the stuffed cabbage bundles from the same book last night. It is yummy but a bit fiddly. Try posting the photos to Picasa 2 and their photosharing program Hello. All is free.

    Or e-mail me the photos directly:


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    1. re: Candy

      Thanks for the notice, smugness has just gone down one notch. Had a feeling it might not work. What's odd is that it opens up fine for me, but of course, I'm the user so perhaps it detects that?

      Can you tell me what happens when you click on the link? I'm rolling up my sleeves and moving into trouble-shooting mode. You will see this pictures!

      1. re: Carb Lover

        I get a screen asking me to login, which must mean that only registered members can go browsing around that link.

        1. re: Curtis

          Nope, I logged in, got the welcome back and a message that the link is not valid.

          1. re: Curtis

            Thanks, Curtis. Hmmmm...couple of ways to maybe get around this: 1) register for free or 2) I think that there might be a "view album/slideshow" link somewhere on the page that will allow one to view the album w/o registering. Not sure though...

            Hard for me to really know, as I am already registered. Hopefully others will chime in w/ ideas!

            Question for those familiar w/ Ofoto: I provided a direct link to my album. The "share photos" method didn't seem appropriate in this case since I didn't have a list of emails to plug in. Any suggestions? Thanks.

            1. re: Carb Lover

              Here's what you do: Go to your album, click on "Share album," send it to yourself, then post the link from the email. That will be the "shared" link, though I think people will still have to register to see them.

              I, for one, am dying to see the pictures. :)

          2. re: Carb Lover

            The page didn't work for me, either. I logged in, having been to that site before, but a window came up that your album was no longer there.

        2. Thanks for your patience. Told you I was tech-challenged. Did what Jess suggested below, and I hope it works this time around. You may need to register for free though...


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          1. re: Carb Lover

            That's the ticket! Worked for me. Now I shall peruse at my leisure.

            1. re: Carb Lover

              Oy, sorry for this wild squid chase/tease. Had my husband check on his computer at work and he told me that he gets "album not found" w/ my 2nd try.

              Tried something a little different; maybe this will work. If not, then may take Candy's advice and go to Picasa since no registration is required, I think.


              1. re: Carb Lover

                This link worked for me. Sounds excellent. Let me know when you make them next so I can come over!

                One question. I tried making some whole squid recently, and most of it went fine. But the only problem was that when I tried to pull the plastic-like bone out, they kept breaking, forcing me to slice the body open to get the tip of the bone out. It wasn't that bad because I was planning on cutting them into squares for a stir-fry anyway. But still...

                Anyone know what might have gone wrong? These were fresh, local (SF Bay Area) squid from my fishmonger's display case, never frozen as far as I know.


                1. re: nja

                  Were they just out of the fridge when you started to clean them? From my one experience, seems like these creatures are easier to work w/ when they are well-chilled. Eg, I put them back in the fridge before I stuffed them.

                  In my pictorial, I mistakenly labeled that transparent cartilage you asked about as the beak, which from the pic linked below, I realize now is not the case.

                  I had no problem w/ the breakage that you described. I cupped the body in my hand and inserted my two fingers as far as they would go (I have small fingers though) until I was secure that I had good enough leverage to yank.

                  Do you have any good Italian stuffed squid recipes? I'm thinking of squeezing the meat from sausage casings (this should make stuffing easier) directly into the squid cavity, frying and then simmering for about an hour in marinara sauce.


                2. re: Carb Lover

                  Mmmmmm.... looks delicious!

                3. Strange!! I followed the third link and saw everything. Looks great. SO and I do a simliar thing at home from an Australian Women's Weekly Vietnamese style cookbook, the only difference being we bake the squid in the oven, standing about half height deep in water. I'll have to try the frying method. The crispness appeals. Thanks for sharing. Cheers.

                  1. *wild applause*

                    What a wonderful photo essay! Those squids--and your salad--look delicious. Thanks for giving us the opportunity to see them.