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Feb 21, 2005 10:32 AM

overripe bananas

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Can anyone suggest ideas and/or recipes for using overripe bananas?


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  1. Banana bread. The riper the better.

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    1. re: Athena

      Dead-ripe or even slightly overripe bananas are wonderful in banana pudding.

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    2. Bread, muffins etc. are all best with over-ripe bananas. If you don't have time throw them in the freezer peel and all nd thaw to use later. I also use them in homemade dog biscuits.

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        charm city nosher

        Thanks for the suggestions. I have a followup question: since bananas are so sweet, can you cut down the sugar in the bread/muffin recipe?

        1. re: charm city nosher

          Use brown sugar in the banana bread and you can cut down the amount by half. Also, I haven't tried using Splenda, but I imagine it would work well.

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            There are some recipes that specify for very ripe bananas -- so then you wouldn't need to guess at adjustments.

            Banana Bread

            Banana Coffee Cake

            1. re: charm city nosher

              I just made banana bread using seriously overripe (you could squish out the flesh from the peel like toothpaste) bananas, and I cut the sugar from 1 cup to 3/4 cup. The bread turned out beautifully. If you cut the sugar down any more, the texture might suffer.

          2. You can wrap them individually in cling wrap, then place into a ziplock bag and freeze. They're good for making smoothies - just pop one or two (don't thaw) into the blender with other fruit and juice/yoghurt/milk and blend.

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            1. re: ju

              be sure to peel before freezing

              1. re: miss

                I don't peel them. Leaving the peel on prevents some freezer burn. To thaw, I let them sit on the counter for about a minute (or if I'm really impatient, nuke for 10 seconds) and they peel easily.

                1. re: Jess

                  Just a note: better to thaw a minute on a plate or in the sink rather than just on the counter if you have grout and tile. A ripe bananas thawing after freezing leaves a dark, watery mess. I know a few that don't think of that and it's a pain to clean and really ugly if you don't

                  But, I'd leave the skins on, too. All you need is an outer thaw to get the skin off, the banana stays a better color, and the smoothie is a little colder from the frozen banana.

            2. Banana cream pies are best made with ripe bananas.... mmmm

              1. When I have overripe bananas I use them in oatmeal. I cut them up and put them in with the cooking oatmeal. They melt into the oatmeal and taste fantastic with butter and sugar on top. Great comfort food.