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Feb 20, 2005 01:41 PM

Anyone with a Deep Fryer Recommendation?

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I am in the market for a deep fryer for my home... and would appreciate anyone's recommendation on which brands and models work best for them. My main concerns are on storage, ease of filtering the oil, cleanliness, and how much space it will take up. Living in Boston, I don't have a ton of storage space, but believe I would enjoy the convenience of a deep fryer -- anyone disagree and think I should continue with the stock pot fry method?

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  1. We picked up a Waring Pro deep fryer from Williams Sonoma last November.

    It has an 1800 watt heating element, a dial control for the temp. range (180-ish to 360-ish), a lid with a permanent stainless steel mesh filter along with a glass viewing window, and best of all, a removeable pan that holds the oil.

    When you're ready to drain/filter the oil, flip up the heating element, lift the pan from the frame, and pour out of the built-in spout at the corner.

    The heating element isn't submersible, but the lid and pan are.

    Loads better then the Delonghi units I saw... a bit pricey at $125... but we bit the bullet and have been happy with it.


    Last month at Target (of all places) I spied an almost identical unit badged as Phillips... they're kissing cousins, if not seperated at birth.

    No listing on the outside of the box for the heating wattage, and the controls are digital, instead of analog... but the best part... the price.


    We keep ours in a closet when not in use... the hot water closet in fact...

    Highly recommended from this chowhound... we even get tater-tots these days to use in it!

    (Albertson's house brand are much nicer then the Ore-Idas... but that's for another thread!)

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      La Dolce Vita

      I bought the Philips brand deep fryer at Target for about 50 or 60 bucks. I am really happy with it, although I only deep fry once in awhile. What I like about the Philips model is that the temp can go up to 375, and most of the parts can be put in the diswasher (but read the instructions to see what parts cannot go in!)

      I prefer an electronic deep fryer as opposed to a cast-iron pan on the stovetop because the temperature is automatically regulated by the thermometer--no guesswork needed.

    2. Try to find a model that goes up to at least 375F instead of only 360F; many recipes specify the higher temp, and the hotter the fat starts off, the hotter it is likely to be after the food has gone in and lowered the temp, and that means less fat absorbed by the food.

      1. There has been some discussion here a couple of months back.

        I suggest you pop over to:

        there are a few models there that have been evaluated.

        1. Thanks for the recommendations and this time, my search for old posts was successful! I didn't find them the first time through, funny, huh.