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Feb 18, 2005 11:35 PM

Fuzzy strawberries???

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So I did the romantic thing for my little girls. I did the chocolate dipped strawberry thing for Valentine's Day. The next day they were covered in a fungi fuzz! Why?

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  1. Strawberries are highly perishable. The problem was solved for me with a special Tupperware container. Other than that dont wash them until you use them.

    1. I have dipped stawberries in chocolate countless times. I've never encountered that problem and I usually leave them on an open sheet tray in the frig to harden. I think your strawberries were probably on their way out to begin with. Also, we should just dry them a bit with paper towels before dipping.

      1. Did you refrigerate them and keep them there? If they were left on the counter, then that's why.

        1. My opinion is that strawberries should go bad rather rapidly, as they do in nature. If they last longer than a couple days, you have to wonder what kind of miracle fungicide they are sprayed with.

          1. a
            Amin (London Foodie)

            Its most likely the chocolates and not your strawberry
            that is the cause of this 'fungi' like condition, which
            in reality is called blooming, in chocolate terms.

            Blooming is when the crystals come out of the cocoa in
            a whitish blob (looks like fungi) which is extremely
            unhealthy looking though the quality of the chocolate
            is not really effected. It looks like a white mould.

            There are many causes for blooming, such as 'old'
            chocolate, simple melting without tempering, left
            overnight in frosty weather conditions, etc.

            I did a quick google and attach a link below with
            regard to blooming on chocolate dipped apricots
            (I know, yours were strawberries), however if you
            google chocolate+blooming, there are a couple of sites
            there which tell you how to temper the chocolates.