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Feb 17, 2005 03:23 PM

Fun with Pate!

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I bought some Chicken and Port Pate for my valentines day dinner, but found out right before unwrapping that my girl friend doesn't like Pate... So now it's all mine! heh!!

But all I can think to do with it is making a Pate Sandwich... Which is fine... but kinda boring...

Is there a way to spice up the sandwich (What goes good with a pate sandwich? Carmelized onions?)

Or is there another creation worthy of a nice slice of Pate?

Thanks in advance!!

-- Dommy!

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  1. cut up some good bread, smear pate with dijon or whole grain mustard or something sweet-tart like lulu's fig strawberry & balsamic jam, or just sweet like fig jam. pickled onions, cornichons on the side. caramelized onions would be great.

    1. Spread it on toast made from good crusty chewy bread for breakfast?

      1. If you like Viet. sandwiches (banh mi), then you could slather some pate on baguette bread. Add some deli meat like mortadella or head cheese. Add some veggies (cucumber, carrots, radishes) pickled w/ vinegar, fish sauce, chile flakes. Garnish w/ jalapenos and cilantro. Season w/ black pepper and Maggi sauce. Bon appetit!