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Feb 17, 2005 09:05 AM

is convection worth the cost??

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Hi there hounds-

We're in the midst of a kitchen remodel, and are generally buying mid-range standard appliances (i.e., nice kitchenaid, no wolf or anything like that) as we're not going to be in this house forever.

We've bought a gas stovetop and pop-up downdraft, and just lack a wall oven. We're moving from a gas range to an electric oven, so I think that will be a step up in terms of consistency/even-heating, but I can't quite get over how much more the convection ovens cost.

My question is- is convection worth paying several hundred dollars more?? I should add that I use the my oven a fair amount, but do very little baking. More meats, lasagna, things like that.

many thanks!

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  1. Absolutely! I've had a convection oven for about a year and I won't go back. Roasting in particular is vastly superior. I'm still in a bit of a learning curve with baking.

    Don't think twice about it!

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    1. re: Daniel

      I have a 5 burner GE Monogram gas cook top with pop-up vent fan and unless they have really improved those fans in the past few years I would never have one again. They are really ineffective and I have spent lots of time and energy washing my ceiling over the cook top. Thank goodness it is a smooth ceiling and not textured. I have a full sized Kitchen Aid wall oven and it is not enough. I wish I had gone with double ovens, then one could be convection, but with convection you are sacrificing space for the fan. I have used my M-I-L's convection oven at holidays and have not been over whelmed by it. I'd rather have more space in my oven. If I won the lottery this year I'd add an Advantium oven to my kitchen.

      1. re: Candy

        Hmm, did you your cooktop come with the vent as part of it? We are buying ours as a separate unit. We went with the GE because you can (with an extra kit) install the blower below the floorboard, thereby decreasing the noisiness of the fan. Now you have me worried...

        1. re: babcock

          Mine is a seperate unit but the controls are on the cooktop. It is vented down and out through my crawl space. It is nowhere near as efficient as a Jenn Aire I had years ago. The draw on that was so strong it could mess up the draft in the fireplace in another room. We had to close the door between the two rooms if the fireplace was lighted. I went with the thing because my cook top is in an island. If I were to do it again I would put the sink in the island and the cook top against the wall with the range hood vented outside. A friend has a very slim elegant range hood that turns itself on automatically when a certain temperature under it and it can be turned on manually too. If you have the chance to rethink the set up, I would recommend it. Sorry to be the bearer of not so good news. But give it thought, especially if your ceiling is textured. I also wish I had put an exhaust fan in the ceiling above my oven, even something simple like one used in a bathroom. When you are broiling or the oven gets a bit smoky it would be handy to flip a switch and have that pull out the smoke. In my next kitchen.....sigh! Maybe I can get my husband to put one in this spring before it gets to hot in the attic space.

    2. I think it is worth it as well. I LOVE convection. But if the price is really inhibitive, you could get a Cuisinart digital convection toaster which can fit a pie which is what I have (NYC apartments). But I always look forward to cooking in my parents' full-size convection oven. At Thanksgiving, my pies were done so quickly I made an extra one.

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      1. re: Keri T.

        Anybody know of a good 24-inch convection oven, preferably stainless?

      2. I have the Whirlpool (double oven), which was the largest interior available at the time (not counting the expensive brands).

        One of the ovens is convection. I like it quite a bit. If I had to put a dollar value on it, I would say I would pay $200 more for having one C.O.(assuming I would use it for 10 years--$20/yr 'ain't bad'.)

        1. Convection is definitely "worth it."
          First; you can put several items in at once and there are no "cold spots' -- everything gets heated evenly. Great for massive reheating.

          We do very little baking, but we roast vegetables all the time -- all kinds of veggies. Root veggies of course, but also brussel sprouts, mushrooms, asparagus.

          We can put three trays in at once, rotating them through the "convection broil" cycle.

          go for it! As someone mentioned, the extra price gets amortized over many years anyway.

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          1. re: Joel Teller

            Thanks for all the input! I should have said in the original post that we will definitely not be in the house more than 5 years. The quotes we've been given for the ovens have about a $400 difference. I'm not sure that's worth it, when I'd rather get a better fridge...

            1. re: babcock

              I would give up any fridge features - i.e. go for the cheapest possible kind - in exchange for convection oven.

          2. YES!
            Two Dacor convection ovens, two convection microwaves as well in my kitchen.