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Feb 16, 2005 04:15 PM

immersion blender

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I use my 'stick blender' quite a bit, and my very first one finally died from overuse last weekend. Any recommendations? I don't 'belong' to the Cooks Illustrated Website anymore so I can't use them as a resource, and I don't know which magazine they might have posted in. I thought you all might have some ideas on which are better than others...



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    Today's LA Times Food section just did a review. You can access the article on the website. Registration to the site is required (free). Also there are a couple threads recently on this topic. Here is one of them.


    1. the braun is supposed to be the best, the $89 one.

      1. I just purchased a KitchenAid, usually $70 discounted to $50 at Amazon, and it is very well designed--hefty, long stick for deep vessels, release and power buttons located for easy use, splash guard surrounding blades keeps things tidy, powerful motor with good range of settings. Bonus is that it comes in red or cobalt blue in addition to the pedestrian white.

        1. Just in time for you...

          Immersion blenders reviewed in the LA Times.