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Feb 16, 2005 10:06 AM

Risotto for 1

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I have never made risotto before. I live alone. I would like to make it for one person. Can it be done? What size/shape pan should I use - I notice most recipes are for 4 - 6 people and use 2 cups of rice - can you make it using 1/2 cup - or doesn't it turn out right?


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  1. just cut the recipe in half. it should work fine. and save the extra risotto in the fridge and make risotto cakes the next day - shape into cakes, add some cheese and herbs, coat with bread crumbs and saute in some butter.

    1. If you have a small enough heavy bottomed pot -- like an All Clad, you could prepare 1/2 cup. I have done it before.

      1. You can also use the left over but making risotto cakes. Take a hand full of the rice mixture, dust with flour (I like Wondra) and lightly fry in a bit of oil. My family really likes them.

        1. Risotto cakes made from leftovers are delicious, as previous posters have said.

          However, leftover risotto with a little bit of water added makes a great lunch too, if you're lazy and don't want to fry up cakes. And your co-workers will be so jealous.

          Back to your question: yes, you can make risotto for one using any pan that's small enough. The goal is to have the rice in a thin layer covering the bottom of the pan. Nothing fancy needed.