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Feb 16, 2005 10:00 AM

french toat bread

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does anyone know where to get challah bread for french toast in the alexandria/arlington, va area?

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  1. Take your phone book and look up Delicatessens in the yellow pages. If the display ad has Jewish or Kosher as part of the text, give them a call.

    I live north of Mason-Dixon line, so I can't give you any other info.

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      Or, call a local synagogue or Jewish Community Center and ask where they get their challahs. You can sometimes find packaged loaves of egg bread (challah) in the supermarket (such as Peppridge Farm, Orowheat, Van de Kamp's, etc.). Another good choice for French Toast would be a Hawaiian sweet bread. King's is a local brand here in Co Cal, but I believe Orowheat makes one also.

    2. Heidelberg Pastry Shop on Lee Highway in Arlington has challah.