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Feb 16, 2005 09:09 AM

Elegant Wedding Brunch

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I want to do a plated wedding brunch- no buffet. I am trying to come up with the three main entree choices. I want on seafood, one red-meat and something else. I like my brunch entrees to vere to the side of breakast as oppose to lunch- such as Lobster Benedict. I want something such as a beef dish with potato pancakes. Chowhounds give me some ideas, please.

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  1. you could make potato panckes with creme fraiche and smoked salmon. perhaps a quiche with bacon.

    1. There were some postings here about fish pies with a rec. for Jamie Oliver's version - you could make mini pies for the seafood course.

      I have also done Wolfgang Puck's Crabmeat and Chicken Pot Pie with rave reviews (I've tried it both as the recipe is and without chicken - adding more crab)


      1. A meatless offering could be an elegant souffled egg roulade with a piperade filling and some creme fraiche. They are delicious and beautiful when sliced and plated.

        1. For red meat, you could do an "elegant" beef hash - not sure what cut would work best, but you could definitely gussy it up with a beautiful poached egg.

          Lobster benedict could be nice, but a crab quiche is another option.

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            Or rather than a beef hash, you can do a duck hash, maybe with poached eggs with some roasted asparagus spears (although I do love lobster benedict).

            You could also do a fancy type of french toast like a creme brulee type toast, maybe with some carmelized bananas, infused syrup, or stuffed with something elegant like a berry compote.