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Feb 15, 2005 10:41 AM

if you had a lot of leftover chocolate ganache...

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...what would you do with it?

i have about 3-4 solid cups (before whipping, so i guess it'll be more like 6-7 once i beat it) of really good bittersweet chocolate ganache. i quadrupled a recipe for something i made over the weekend, but i way overestimated how much i'd need. and now i have more ganache than i can imagine using. ever. but i really don't want to throw it away.

anyone have any really good, interesting (and preferably not too complicated) recipes that would help me make use of my bounty?

and/or, anyone know how well this stuff will freeze?


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  1. I also would like to know of a good recipe or the possibility of freezing it, but I'm afraid at my house, it would be eaten with a big spoon directly from the bowl. We have no willpower.

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    1. re: sudiepav

      Eating it with a spoon was my thought as well.

      It should freeze pretty well, though.

      1. re: Ruth Lafler

        My thought was HIDING it, and then eating it with a spoon.

    2. perhaps you could try making macaroons? they aren't that difficult to attempt, and the ganache will provide a nice filling. i don't have my recipe on hand, but i will try to give a brief outline and maybe you will find something similar in a cookbook or on the internet. i beat egg whites until they hold firm peaks and then fold in a mixture of almond flour, cocoa powder, and confectioner's sugar. this bakes in the oven for about 20 minutes, and when they come out you can let them cool and then assemble.

      1. You could make chocolate truffles - just scoop the ganache, dust your hands with corn starch and roll them into balls, dust with cocoa powder (or coat with tempered chocolate if you want the hard outer shell). I just wrap them in tin foil (for the hard chocolated shell coated ones) or put them in mini muffin cups/candy cups and put them in a box/bag and give them to friends.

        I had a cake yesterday that had a layer of ganache between 2 chocolate cake layers and it was could even use vanilla cake if you're a little chocolated out.

        1. chocolate mousse
          filling for cream puffs
          chocolate ice cream
          frosting for cupcakes
          glaze for cheesecake
          chocolate fondue

          I would probably dip graham crackers in it, straight out of the fridge. :)

          1. Frosting for banana cake, you could make Toba Garret's chocolate buttercream and freeze it (I think her recipe says it can be frozen although I have not done it), it could be the center for molten chocolate cakes.