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Feb 14, 2005 09:28 PM

Best use of almonds?

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My dad just found out he has to work on lowering his cholesterol (and raising his HDL levels), so we went a little wild buying nuts (I bought 2 lbs sliced almonds, and my dad picked up 3 lbs of raw whole almonds).

Any suggestions on how we (dad and the rest of the household) can enjoy these nuts other than by the handful?

I'm also interested in a good almond recipe that I can make to give away to friends without heart issues since we have so many nuts now.

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    1. I take a serving of roasted almonds (between 22 - 28 depending on the size) and roughly chop them and toss them on baby spinach with some deli turkey and dried cranberries. I alternate dressing: sometimes a maple/dijon dressing, sometimes a tahini dressing (more seeds!!), sometimes a balsamic dressing. It's super simple and fantastic. I eat it very frequently for a quick lunch.

      I also really enjoy almonds with dried fruit as a snack.


      1. Trout amandine and marzipan are what pop immediately into my head.


        1. Fry them in a neutral oil until they just begin to take on some color. Lightly salt and enjoy while warm. Also make almond butter in your food processor or blender. Use just like peanut butter

          1. (1) THAI SPICED ALMONDS
            Blend water, soy sauce, and a little oil (any diet acceptable oil-or try a little sesame oil for added flavor). Add generous amount of Thai Seasoning blend (The Spice Hunter has one). Add almonds and "marinate" a while. Spread on cookie sheet (on parchment paper for easy cleanup). Sprinkle on lots more Thai Spice blend and roast in oven. Cool. Store in sealed container for months.
            (These are good crushed and used on salmon, too)
            Blend includes: sesame seeds, chile pepper, coriander, onion, red pepper, shrimp, garlic, cinnamon, nutmeg, lemon oil See link below.

            (2) QUICK SWEET ALMONDS
            Blend whole raw almonds with a little honey and eat. Add a little cinnamon if you like it. The texture of the chewy and the sweetness satisfies a sweet tooth with a few bites. (It's a simple version of baklava without the butter and filo - and it's instant, no-bake). You can mix up more than a serving and it will keep without refrigeration in a sealed container. The chemicals in the almonds are calming and the honey is energizing. A good combo before a work out, too.