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Feb 14, 2005 09:45 AM

ISO: Old Recipe for Pound Cake

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Hello...I'm hoping someone might beable to help me with an old (Washington Post) recipe that I've been searching for. It was printed in the Washington Post between 1952 and 1956, and was submitted by someone from Roanoke, VA. The cake only contains 1 pound real butter, flour, eggs, sugar, salt and maybe flavoring.
No other liquid is used in the recipe! You start it in a cold oven, then bake for certain time and temperature, then cake remains in the oven until its cold, an hour or more. You do not peek at the cake during baking.

I know this is asking for nearly the impossible, but if anyone is an obsessive recipe collector like me, then maybe you might have inherited your Mom's or Grandma's old recipes and you remember this cake. I would be so grateful if I can get help finding this recipe.

Thank you,
Sandra Greathouse

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  1. The original English "Pound Cake" as named that because it contains one pound flour, one pound sugar, one pound butter, and one pound eggs.

    Would your WP recipe perhaps be simple the "old" original recipe? See link below.

    Maybe you should just weigh your ingredients because here is one with half the amounts of hte one linked (however, same ingredients)

    I would guess your requested WP recipe might give exact cooking time and temperature (if your modern oven was the same as theirs in sealing,) and the one in the loaf pan might the right size. Given those two variables, there is no reason why one couldn't leave the cake in the oven to cool instead of taking it out of the oven (though both say take out> to cooler air).

    Sorry it is not THE one from Washington Post, but until you find it, these may be close to it. One pound of each ingredient, no extra liquid or different levenings agents.

    And, here are two from the 1700's that are basically the same ingredients.

    Good luck finding your WP recipe.


    1. I have a pound cake/yellow cake rule. Butter must must must be at room temp. It doesn't matter so much if there are other things like chocolate or sour cream or grated nuts flavouring the cake but something about plain 1234 basic cake that makes it come out coarse and yucky unless you start out with room temp fat.

      1. I found this in the washington post archives -- you'll have to sign in to see the abstract (that's free, but it costs money to order the article).

        Doesn't quite look like what you're looking for, but if you do the search, maybe you'll recognize the title?


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          Wow! They have archives available from 1955? You do good research!

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            They have archives available from 1877, but you can only look at the abstract online. You have to purchase the article. I'd probably go to my local library and see if they have microfiche, and start scrolling.