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Feb 13, 2005 07:32 AM

Peter's Chocolate..where can I get it?

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I sampled some chocolate chip cookies made with Peter's chocolate and they were so much better tasting than any other chocolate chip cookie that I have ever had!!! Does anyone know of anywhere it can be purchased be it in CT or online? Thanks,Richie

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    Laughing Goddess

    It's online at, but it looks like it's wholesale only. If you call their customer service # (800) 368-5594 maybe they can tell you where to buy in smaller quantities in CT.

    1. probrably at the king arthur flour site.

        1. Peters is Nestle's "high-end" chocolate brand, or low-end of real chocolate made and sold in bulk. Peter invented something key in chocolate making a century or two back - forget what right now. Peters is not a bad chocolate, just not as good as Valhrona or El Rey, but it is real chocolate as opposed to most chocolate chips. Before searching out Peters you may want to search your grocery store for any chocolate chips that claim to be "real" chocolate and try them. If that doesn't work look in your local yellow pages under Cake for cake decorating supply stores. They will carry chocolate (usually Merckens for fake that doesn't need to be tempered and Peters for real chocolate.) I haven't seen Peters branded chocolate chips or chunks, but maybe they exist. Otherwise you'll wind up with a pound or two of bulk chocolate. One word of warning on buying bulk chocolate, it may be blooming or otherwise out of temper. The assumption in selling bulk chocolate is that the buyer will melt and/or temper it themselves. So if it leaves temper, it is not considered defective.