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Feb 9, 2005 06:26 PM

What is a good Valentines Day dinner menu?

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We don't normally make a big deal of these Hallmark holidays, but hey why not this year! So what is a good menu for the occassion to prepare for my lovely wife? Guidelines would be that there are only a few smaller dishes, each simple with strong depth of flavor or that let a base food shine through. What is in season now that would be perfectly ripe? And something chocolate for dessert! What about a wine pairing?

I would like this meal to be elegant in its simplicty and artful presentation and not too filling. My wife should think to herself with a smile of satisfaction on her face, "I think I'll stick around for another hundred years." Thanks folks!

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  1. Rack of lamb is easy and quick to prepare and beautiful in presentation. Serve it with some mashed potatoes (garlic, horseradish, plain, or whatever she likes), and a vegetable she likes. Brussels sprouts come to my mind but she might prefer lightly steamed green beans .

    Be sure to have the butcher remove the chine bone from the rack of lamb and french the ribs. This makes it easy to serve, eat, and beautiful on the plate.

    I'm going to try to do profiteroles for dessert but can't give you any tips as I haven't done it before.

    Good luck,


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      I just finished putting together my menu a few minutes ago so I'll share it with you

      -Valentines Day Cherry Bomb drink-made with brandy,
      triple sec, grenadine all shaken with ice then
      strained into a glass
      -Shrimp scampi with cream sauce baken in a puff
      pastry shell

      -Filet mignon with truffled mushroom ragout served
      with heart-shaped baked polenta
      -Green bean and red onion salad with warm cider
      -Castlerock syrah

      -Coeur a la creme with raspberry sauce

      the recipes can all be found via a google search

      1. re: Liz

        Wow! Your menu is almost exactly the same as the one I came up with a few weeks ago! So much for my supposed originality :)

        I'm making:

        Provencal rack of lamb (crusted w/bread crumbs, herbes de provence and honey)

        scalloped potatoes with 3 cheeses & fennel

        greens w/balsamic

        Profiteroles au chocolat, filled with ciao bella gelato

        Mmmm mmmm mmm!

      2. hello again
        I meant for my menu to be used only as a guideline for your dinner-I was going with a red theme! you could boil the shrimp and serve cold with cocktail sauce. broil the steak and serve with mushrooms cooked in butter. and I forgot that you wanted a chocolate dessert

        brownies never fail!!! and there are some good mixes out there that are made even better when you add extra chocolate pieces and nuts.....the more the better.

        hope this reply is more helpful than the first