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Feb 9, 2005 06:13 PM

Silky, Creamy, Decadent....

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It is tradition that I make a chocolate dessert for Valentine's Day for my Sweetheart (I give some to my husband too! {tee-hee}).

Does anyone have a killer recipe which is heavy on chocolate, is silky, creamy, and decadent? (any skill level okay--I have 10 pounds of Callebaut semi-sweet so 'bring it on'! (have white, bitter, and un-sweetened too :)

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  1. When I read "silky, creamy, decadent," I immediately thought panna cotta. The only chocolate one I've had is the one below from Epicurious, which was yummy (though I haven't tried the glazed cherries with it, they sound good).


    1. well you have to, they smell the chocolate baking and wonder where it went... This isn't silky as in chocolate pudding or creme brulee but have you ever tried the 'chocolate cloud cake' in richard sax's 'classic home desserts'? it rocks. nigella put it in her domestic goddess book, cause she knows what's good. you should try it.

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        apparently this recipe is in nigella bites not domestic goddess, though i provided a link to the recipe above in my response to Val.

      2. I've said it once, I'll say it again, EPI's Double Chocolate Layer Cake is beyond makes a helluva big cake so it may be too big of a dessert; well, think of some people you can give the rest away to!!!! If you don't have the 10" pans, you must use three 8" or 9" pans. The ganache frosting is just over the top delicious.


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          hmm, that looks really good. i was going to offer to try yours if you try mine but i'm already planning to make so many sweets on valentines, i don't think i'll have the time plus i don't want people to be mad at me for making them fat. but i must tempt you... rich yet somehow light, intensely chocolatey with the cool relief of whipped cream in every bite, rustic yet elegant. sublime...

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            You've successfully tempted me!!! I've printed that recipe out and will try it very soon! Thank you!

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          Jeremy Newel

          Silky, creamy, and decadent means the Fallen Chocolate Soufflé Cake from the old Quilted Giraffe restaurant. It was published in Gourmet magazine a number of years ago, so it might be on Epicurious, though it was published before Epicurious' time. I can't put my hands on the recipe right now, but if nothing else appeals to you, send me an e-mail.

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            Jeremy Newel

            I erred in the name of the restaurant this dessert came from. It was Chanterelle, not the Quilted Giraffe. The recipe was published in the Nov. '88 issue of Gourmet magazine, p. 184.

          2. Silky, creamy, decadent...and easy! Recently made the linked recipe and it was all of the above. I like the presentation of petite cakes for a special occasion, and the dessert was so rich that hubby and I romantically shared one w/ a scoop of vanilla ice cream on the side. The cold ice cream intermingled w/ the warm, gooey chocolate cake was VERY decadent. For V-day, raspberry sorbet would be nice IMO. I kept uncooked, filled ramekins in the fridge and popped one in our toaster oven for dessert the next few evenings.

            Only thing I would change is the double flouring and buttering of the ramekins. The flour left a faint white residue when the cake was inverted, so I'm going to try using cocoa powder instead next time.