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Feb 9, 2005 01:41 PM

Valentine Picnic - Menu Suggestions?

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I'm going on a picnic (at night - so it will be dark, but we'll have a fire) to the beach for Valentine's day, but can't really come up with any great menu ideas. Brownies will definitely be on the dessert menu, but as for what to eat - I'm at a loss. I guess b/c I've never gone on a night picnic and think day picnic food may not be good enough. Any suggestions?

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  1. You know what Omar Khyyam says..A loaf of bread, a jug of wine and thou beside me singing in the wilderness...

    Okay, maybe avoid wine in a jug, and don't sing anything dorky, but still :-) Great bread, cheese, pate, gherkins, couple of hard boiled eggs, a little chutney and yer in like Flynn. Toss in a bag of marshmallows to toast...sigh. Ah romance.

    1. Maybe add a couple of marinated & broiled or poached or baked salmon fillets or steaks. They are delicious chilled or at room temp. I use teriyaki or hoisin sauce as a marinade for 10-20 min. and then just toss under the broiler.
      The wine, cheese and crusty bread sound great.
      Brownies: of course!

      Don't forget a damp washcloth for the sand on your hands!
      Wishing any beach wasn't 800 miles away, p.j.

      1. Shrimp on a skewer over the fire or precooked shrimp or crab at room temp with a good aioli.
        Sausages, rolls and mustards

        1. S'mores! Cute and romantic. Perfect since you have a fire.