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Bool Kogi

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I recently purchased this item at Trader Joes. It is labelled Korean Sesame Marinated Boneless Beef Ribs. The label states to grill quickly. Does anyone have any ideas on cooking this item? Thanks for any thoughts.

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  1. I have prepared this Korean meat recipe on skewers over an outdoor grill. I'm not familiar with Trader Joe's product so I don't know what form it is in. Is it one piece or already sliced? I assume that it is already marinated.

    I bought round steak, semi-froze it so that it could be easily sliced in thin strips, marinated it, then skewered the strips before grilling in both sides for just about 2 minutes per side.

    Good luck...

    1. A cast iron skillet or a Foreman grill works fine. When I'm lazy I've been known to heat up the wok to a blistering temperature and put the meat in. If you do this, don't do too many pieces as once. If you do, the juices/marinade that puddles will make the meat steam instead of grill. It's edible, but not great.

      1. I use a George Forman or similar grill, and it cooks quickly. Lots of juices run off this way, so be sure to check the drip pan.

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          And pour the juices over white rice with some kim chee on the side.

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            Kim chee...good suggestion. I used to make my own in the winter because I needed to use the garage as a refrigerator. One ingredient that I left out of my kim chee was fish sauce because it tasted so bad. There is a Korean community near here with a store that makes their own kim chee with fish sauce. I bought some once, but never again.

            Two heads of Napa cabbage with onion and diakon slices plus lots of pungent chiles makes a lot of kim chee.

        2. Aloha,

          Grilling over charcoal or gas, on a griddle pan or broil in oven. Cook it quickly, depending on thickness to medium-rare to medium. Pan fry if you must but do not crowd...


          1. How funny. I just hit Google with Bool Kogi and this was the first link. I was looking for how to cook the Bool Kog I got at Trader Joe's, too. I'll try the George Foreman.

            1. Just bought the Bool Kogi from trader Joe's and had for dinner last night. It was awesome!!! i put in on the grill for a total of 7 minutes (half on each side).

              1. The item is named "bulgogi", literally meaning "fire meat" amd indicating grilling as the proper preparation technique

                Spelling it right will help you with your websearches

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                  I cooked it 10 minutes on the grill top of a roasting pan at 500 degrees. We enjoyed it!

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                    FYI - the package the OP is referring to is spelled BOOL KOGI. And being translated from Korean, one could spell it many different ways, since it is phonetic. So, give her a break, I certainly knew what they meant.

                    OP - Yes, I broil it if I'm not in the mood to deal with lighting my charcoal grill. But if you have a small grill, or gas, it doesn't take long at all.

                  2. Quite easy -- 400 degree oven for 15 min.
                    In a roasting pan, with the pieces unfurled, in a single layer.