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Feb 8, 2005 07:15 PM

"Japanes" Golden Shrimp or Shrimp with Egg Yolk Sauce

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This is probably a pointless exercise but it's been a while since I've searched for this recipe. I've looked for years and come up with nothing that comes close. So here goes nothing...

Teppanyaki (Japanese Steakhouse) restaurants here in Chicago often serve this no-doubt, highly fattening, custardy, topping on their shrimp or lobster. It is sort of an egg/oil emulsion that is plopped on top of shrimp and then cooked under a cover. It is rather buttery and melty in your mouth. It is most likely an invention for the American market as opposed to an authentic Japanese recipe. Possibly loosely based on a Japanese recipe????? Tsukasa serves it as does Ron of Japan and the now long-defunct Ichiban.

Thousands are seeking this and I've tried several variations I've found onthe Internet but never come close to the real thing. Thanks for any constructive thoughts or recipes. It's worth a shot.

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  1. this may have been what you found already, but here is a link to a few recipes for kogane yaki. i have never had it, but it must be very good because apparently lots of people want to know how to make it.