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Feb 8, 2005 05:06 PM

CIA's "Kitchen & Cook" magazine

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I like the new magazine put out by the Culinary Institute of America, called "Kitchen & Cook".

Even though it's CIA, it's not about restaurant food. Seems targeted towards the serious-minded home cook.

The articles (and accompanying recipes) are informative, thorough, and uncompromising (i.e., it doesn't offer a whole lot of short-cuts or time-savers--finally, a magazine that presumes that you ENJOY spending time in the kitchen).

I liked the article on making "A Superb Martini". There's so much wine information out there. It's refreshing for a cooking magazine to take on cocktails!

I can't wait to try the recipe for Hangtown Fry.

The photos aren't 'artistic', but they are very clear and helpful. The prose isn't fancy--it's kind of dry and textbook-like. They even come pre-three-hole-punched, so you can keep them in a binder. Nerdy-licious!

One year subscription (12 issues) is $24.


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  1. Sounds promising. Did they send you a sample copy, or did you run across it elsewhere?

    P.S. The name is a little goofy--maybe they named it after taste-testing the martinis :)

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    1. re: Funwithfood

      You can download a sample (pdf) copy of the magazine on the website. Here's the link again:


      1. re: Nancy Berry

        Yes, I already have--was wondering how he came across it.

        1. re: Funwithfood

          Works for me. Other than Cook's Illustrated (which I love) too little in other food magazines is about cooking. I can never get myself to pop even $12 for a Bon Appetite subscription.

          The magazine Chow is excreable. I cancelled after the first issue.

          But I'll give the new CIA magazine a try.

          1. re: Funwithfood

            I first heard about K & C on this very board, actually. I had posted about Cook's Illustrated's new dumbed-down spinoff, "Cook's Country", wishing that they would have instead launched a cooking magazine that was MORE hardcore, not less. Someone (I forget who, and I'm too lazy right now to try to find the old post) suggested that I take a look at K & C, so I did.