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Pink Vegetarian food for bridal shower

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The theme of the bridal shower is pink and the bride is a vegetarian, so we would like to prepare pink vegetarian food. Before throwing red food dye into everything, anyone have suggestions for naturally pink food, especially entrees? I have thought of penne a la vodka, beet salad (more beet suggestions are welcome), and sauteed swiss red chard. Drinks are taken care of. For dessert, we have thought of pink frosting, red velvet cake, and anything with strawberries, but we'd appreciate any more ideas! The shower is in June.

Thanks for any help!

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  1. let's see...strawberry soup, red lentils, beet soup...

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      Bean salad made with pink beans and red kidney beans.
      Borscht with a swirl of sour cream.
      Potato salad made with lots of paprika (mayo/yogurt dressing). Actually, you might be able to find pink potatoes - they're out there. Can't remember the name of the variety.
      Yogurt with any red berries mixed in.
      Raspberry or strawberry bavarian.

      I remember once having some cooked onions go shockingly pink on me - maybe red onions with vinegar or something added? I didn't want them to be pink at the time, and I don't remember what I did, but maybe someone knows how to create that reaction intentionally?

      For Christmas this year, I made pink and red themed baskets. The hands-down favorite of the recipients were pink lollipops, flavored with clove oil. These were incredibly easy to make (really, you just need to bring water and sugar to a boil, check the temp on a candy thermometer, add the flavoring and pour. They make perfect circles all on their own.) These might make a nice favor, or something nice to tie to a favor.

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        I'm curious about the lollipops. Never made them. Do you have a recipe that you use? I did a quick search for basic lollipop recipes and it seems pretty straight forward. Now, instead of adding, say cherry gelatin, I can just add the clove oil? Also, what exactly is clove oil and what aisle would I find it? A search yields a lot of results for herbal oil remedies and not really food. A search on freshdirect.com yielded nothing. Do you have a brand that you use?

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          I'll get my recipe from home and post it tomorrow. It's rom a book with a really straightforward name like "Candy" or "Candymaking." The recipe was just corn syrup, sugar, water brought to a boil, cooked to hard crack stage, then flavored and colored and poured. I think the recipesource version (about the sixth or seventh down if you google lollipops recipe) is the same. This recipe says best on the day made, but mine lasted for many days without stickiness, so I wouldn't worry about that. I used very little food coloring so the pink was very delicate - just a drop or two of plain red coloring.

          You could use any sort of flavoring you thought you would like, though the clove is nice, a bit unexpected. I used Boyajian natural clove flavouring (it's actually a flavoring, not an oil, but it's not an extract). Very good - that's the second time this week I've given Boyajian products a plug, but really, they're excellent.

      2. Beet risotto, sauteed red cabbage with pine nuts and balsamic vinegar, salad of mesclun with roasted beets and goat cheese.

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          I like the red cabbage - didn't even think of it!

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            I don't want to rain on your bridal shower, but red cabbage is a pretty long way from "pink'. Instead of doing an all-pink/red/purple meal, I would suggest using a few pink items here and there but not overwhelming the table with one color. It would definitely look less appetizing and sort of desperate than having tasty and fresh-looking multi-colored food interspersed with a few oustanding pink (but really pink) items.

            Frankly, the thought of eating an entire platter of different red-pin-purple foods seems a little unappetizing to me. I'd take the color theme playfully (maybe using water extract instead of the color in a dessert) rather than literally.

            That said, here's some potential inspiration...

            Link: http://chocolateandzucchini.com/archi...

            1. re: Sir Gawain

              I meant rose water extract of course...

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                Yeah, you're right about overwhelming the table with pink everything. I've gotten a lot of similar suggestions, so I think I am leaning towards a spatter of pink here and there. I still like the idea of the red cabbage because it is so bright, but maybe I'll incorporate that in another way.
                Thanks for you suggestions!

        2. One of my favorite food bloggers, Clotilde of Chocolate and Zucchini, did a "Pink Buffet" a year or so ago. Here's the link.

          Link: http://chocolateandzucchini.com/archi...

          1. I make a smoked salmon spread that is pretty yummy, easy to make, and most importantly, PINK!:

            1 pkg cream cheese (I use neufchatel)
            4 oz. smoked salmon, chopped fine (I use smoked salmon bits for this- less expensive, and less chopping!)
            1 pepperocini, chopped fine
            2 tbs. chopped fresh chives
            1 small garlic clove, smashed and chopped to a paste w/ a little salt (takes a little of the raw edge off the galic)
            1 tsp. sweet paprika (more if you want it pinker!)
            squeeze of fresh lemon juice

            Combine throughly, add a little water if necessary to get right consistency. Chill and serve w/ toasts, crackers, and fresh veggies. Multiplies beautifully :).

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              Geez, this is probably pretty obvious, but this recipe is only good if you are serving pesco-vegetarians. However, the main thing that makes the dip pink is the paprika, not the salmon. I think it would be just as well with more fresh herbs and omission of salmon. Sorry for the oversight :)

              1. re: Sony

                This sounds good! The bride doesn't eat fish, but I like your idea of omitting the fish and using other herbs.

            2. the cutest baby shower cupcakes:
              there are funny petit four boob cupcakes on the amateur gourmet web right now

              1. Trying to get everything pink might be overkill, visually. You would need great control over the color palette to avoid it looking insipid. Why not try and garnish everything with a bit of pink? Or a bit of red and pink?

                For instance, deviled eggs topped with thinly chopped radish.

                Caprese sticks- cherry tomato-fresh mozzarella-basil leaf threaded on skewers in a pink mason jar.

                Strawberries with a tinted marscapone, fromage blanc or whole milk yogurt dipping sauce.

                Buttermilk panna cotta with a fresh rhubarb sauce.

                Hudson Valley Camembert shapped like a heart.

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                1. re: JudiAU

                  Yup, after reading through all these posts, I can visually see pink spattered througout the food. The pink and white foods sound especially charming to me.

                2. pink(grapefruit)lemonade or raspberry lemonade.

                  1. white chocolate mousse tinted with either pureed raspberries or strawberries. maybe you could serve it in little tart shells.
                    hope with the veg you live near a good farmer's market.

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                      Amin (London Foodie)

                      Peaches Cardinal with Raspberry Sauce:
                      Boil peaches in liquid syrup till they become soft.
                      Taking out the peaches, peel off the skin, with a
                      corer take the middle part out, place peaches in
                      a bowl & pour the raspberry sauce on top.
                      Serve with a sprig of mint

                      ps: Did anyone mention Tomato soup with a swirl of
                      cream ?

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                        red velvet cake is red and i think kind of weird. all that food colouring! how about a strawberry cake?
                        lasagne verdi al forno is not pink but it's traditional 'it's a girl!' food, apparently. that's the spinach lasagne with ragu, bechamel, and parm, but you can use plain tomato sauce and it's still really good and if you're mad for the pink theme you can use beet juice (and leave out the spinach) to colour the noodles.
                        also your theme sounds pretty dainty: they have sweet rose and other flower flavoured teas at the harney and sons site.

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                        1. re: pinkalicious

                          "use beet juice . . . . to colour the noodles."

                          That's what I was going to say as well. I made a roasted beet and rice salad and the whole thing turned pink (except for the otehr veggies) when I tossed it together. Tasted good.

                          I suppose if you boil pasta with beet juice (or even a few peeled beets, they will come out pink. That's the say they used to color Easter eggs.

                          And, maybe bowtie pasta would be a subtle hint?

                          A standard Italian bowtie pasta is diced zuccini, tomatoes, fresh mozzarella cheese, red peppers, olive oil, green onion, garlic, vinegar, salt and Italian spice blend. Add some roasted beets before you add the oil. You can roast all the veggies, too, if you like that flavor and texture.

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                          Pinky Pinkerton

                          I would rather than making a beet or tomato soup, make some sort of cream soup, maybe vichyssoise or something and swirl in a beet tinted cream fraiche or sour cream. Much prettier and plus beets and toms are red and need the cream to pink them up.

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                            The swirl is a good idea...didn't know there were so many uses for beets.

                          2. Ravioli with a pink sauce- tomato/cream blend

                            1. Peppermint stick ice cream! Lovely on it's own and makes a fab hot fudge sundae, with whipped cream and pink sprinkles!.

                              1. Anyone mention watermelon balls?

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                                  Forgot about watermelon! Easy, refreshing...good thinking!

                                2. What about working in pomegranites? Aren't they supposed to be a symbol of fertility?

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                                    What about strawberry shortcakes?

                                    1. meringue kisses sandwiched with raspberry jam.

                                      1. from the 1905 edition of the la times cookbook:

                                        PINK CREAM SOUP. Put into a saucepan one and a half tablespoons each of butter and flour; stir on the fire until smooth, then add by degrees three pints milk and boil up. Season with a level teaspoonful of salt and a pinch of grated nutmeg. Color pink with one and one-half tablespoons boiled beets run through a sieve. Marrow balls: One tablespoon finely cut marrow, three tablespoons fine bread crumbs, one teaspoon chopped parsley, salt and pepper to taste. Work into a smooth paste, adding a raw egg to help render it smooth; form into a ball size of a filbert; drop into boiling water; cook fifteen minutes. Serve in the soup five balls to the plate.