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Feb 8, 2005 07:44 AM

backpacking cookbook

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I'm looking for a good cookbook that is for backpacking. I don't care if it's vegetarian or not, just as long as it's for people carrying all the food (so the food can't be easily breakable or big) and who don't have cold storage.


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  1. Not a cookbook, but a great website with recipes and such. Another website is, then go to community, then to forums, and you will see a cooking forum which has loads of ideas. We backpack also, but tend to stick with Mountain House products just for the ease of it. The freezer bag ideas though...think we will need to try those this spring!

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      LOL - I was going to suggest the freezerbag cooking website as well - tons of opportunity to be creative and still keep the weight (of the food) down!

      1. re: wolf

        Yes, she is so creative with all of that! I know when we head out every ounce is accounted for. Nothing worse than hauling around stuff you don't need.

    2. I haven't looked at it lately, but check out "Roughin' It Easy". It's an older book about camping with your own food. Try the library.

      1. I really like the book by Alan Kesselheim. It's all about drying food for backpacking and canoeing. There are recipes too.

        Read some of his books about his adventures in a canoe. They're fantastic!