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Feb 7, 2005 06:52 PM

Help w/ fixing Black Bean Soup....too oniony

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I made the black bean soup from Cook's Illustrated. It's really good except for an onion overtone because I didn't brown the onions enough. Stupid me, I forgot to taste it along the way. Bean soup + oniony flavor = lots of smelly farts!

Simmering doesn't seem to work and I want to eat the rest, but I don't know if my roommate could handle that, LOL!

Any suggestions on how to fix it?

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    1. try some sugar and a potato

      1. try some sugar and a potato

        1. To clarify, I'm asking for a way to cook out the raw onion taste in the soup.

          What would the sugar and potato do? I don't know if that would help.

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            The sugar and potato won't really work; the potato supposedly supposedly absorbs imbalanced flavors, but a number of different places have tested that theory and found it wanting. Onions are full of sugar, and I doubt sugar would help at all.

            The only way I am familiar with to mellow the intensity of RAW onion's flavor once in the pot is: cook it. The better way is to rinse raw onion thrice in cold water before adding to the pot (something you should normally do anytime you're using raw onion, for example, in a salad). But you can't do that now. So I'd reheat the soup to a simmer, add some broth or liquid, and cook it until the onion has mellowed. Black beans are pretty sturdy as beans go, so this should be OK.

            1. re: Karl S.

              Potatoes will absorb some excess salt, but even that has limits and of course you have to not mind the potato flavor they will probably leave behind. This is the first I'd ever heard they were supposed to help with anything but salt...

              1. re: MikeG
                King of Northern Blvd.

                I think they are supposed to help with drawing out heat from being too spicey but I've never tried it.

                1. re: King of Northern Blvd.

                  Don't bother. The only thing that really works with spice is an emulsifying fat; peanut butter works well.