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Feb 7, 2005 05:48 PM

ground chicken or turkey

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Can ground chinken or turkey be substituted in any receipe calling for ground beef? Does anything have to be added to the ground poultry to add moisture as I believe they are leaner than ground beef?

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  1. I subsitute ground turkey for beef when making kheema, without any other mods to the recipe. One thing I still do is to put the meat with a few cloves into boiling water for 5 minutes, to strip off the meat-y smell. I'm not sure if this affects the fat content.


    1. Don't believe everything that you read or hear about ground poultry. You have to know your purveyor of meat. Some purveyors include the skin of the birds in their ground meat. It adds moistness, and FAT! If the ground product looks too white, it probably contains the skin.

      1. I have had no problem substituting 7% fat ground turkey for ground beef (I buy Shady Brook Farms or Perdue at the supermarket), particularly in recipes that have a lot of moisture (and seasonings) in them already (i.e. turkey tacos, turkey chili, meat sauce for pasta, lasagna, "unstuffed" cabbage). The leaner ground turkey is a lot trickier and less versatile, IMO. I haven't played with ground chicken.