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Feb 7, 2005 03:28 PM

Some souffle suggestions?

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I had planned on making a spinach and cheese souffle to go along with our smoked chops for dinner this evening and found I have no spinach and I don't think a turnip green and cheese or collards and cheese souffle would be the thing. I know I can just make a cheese souffle but i was wondering if anyone had a suggestion for a savory souffle. Epicurious is not working correctly right now.



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    I often use steamed, chopped broccoli in place of spinach in a spinach & cheese souffle.

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    1. re: farmersdaughter

      I steamed my broccoli for about 3 mins. and blanched it in cold water. It was too long. If I do this again I will zap it in the microwave for 1 minute and then blanch in ice water. I drained it well and blotted it quite dry before combining with the souffle base. The souffle was good but the broccoli, because of my steaming too long, came out a bit over cooked.

      1. re: Candy

        Yes, I agree with you--I never thought about it, but I blanch mine (instead of steaming) but only for about 30 seconds, then I shock it and drain and chop.

        You could toss some chopped sauteed mushrooms in there too in lieu of the broccoli--I bet that would be good!

    2. Carrots? I've steamed carrots, pureed them, and mixed them into the roux when making a cheese souffle. Tasted nice, and was a pretty orange color.