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Feb 7, 2005 01:38 PM

If my dish turns out too bitter....

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what can I do to balance the flavors? AND are there any sources out there, books articles whatever, that can teach me the art of balancing flavors and hence be able to fix mishaps like this...please, please suggest a source that I can go read and experiment!

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  1. "Cookwise" is a good book that gives you a bit about cooking science. I have a copy - not sure that it addresses that particular question. But you might look it over as a general reference book.

    Madeline Kamman's "The Making of a Cook" gets into food science quite a bit (down to the chemical level) along with the history of sauces and all sorts of things. However, it is an investment (like $60?).

    1. If it's too bitter and you've got to fix it before tossing it, slices of raw potato or raw apple in a soup can sometimes help-- assuming it's saucy. A splash of red wine, sherry, or cider vinegar can also offset bitter, sometimes.