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Feb 7, 2005 10:28 AM

SmartWare-Anyone Used It?

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I am very happy with the Miracle Knives that 'Chef Tony' advertised last year, but have not purchased any of his other items. His new 'SmartWare' (silicon) looks interesting. Has anyone purchased it? Does it work? Worth the investment?

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    JK Grence (the Cosmic Jester)

    Don't do it. About the only one of those that I'd be even close to interested in is the cookie sheet mat. The cake and bread pans will leave the finished product with a very weird glossy finish and rubbery aftertaste. The "roasting" pan likely would produce almost zero fond to make gravy out of, and at 9x11 is smaller than similar pans (9x13 is a much more common size). Get these instead:

    All-purpose pan- 9x13 Pyrex, $8
    Bundt- Nordic Ware Platinum, $28 (or Ecko Bakers' Secret for $12)
    Cookie Sheet Mat- Silpat, $20
    Cake Pans- Ecko Bakers' Secret, $4 each
    Muffin Pan- Ecko Bakers' Secret, $4 each

    So for 2 bucks less than the Smartware (22 bucks less if you factor in those insane shipping charges) you can get yourself some very decent cookware that will act the way you want it to.

    When you're shopping for the stuff, the Ecko Bakers' Secret and Pyrex can be found just about anywhere, including grocery stores. The Bundt pan and Silpat are both available at Sur La Table (and the Bundt pan comes in all kinds of neat shapes too!). It would be worth throwing in a Kaiser tinned steel cookie sheet, it should run about 7 bucks.

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      Thanks a lot for the info. I have drawyers, closets and a pantry full of cooking things. As I was baking Sunday night I got tired of buttering sides, putting down parchment, etc. I thought it might be easier with silicone bakeware. But thanks for letting me know it ain't what it's cracked up to be. Maybe I should just go with individual pieces like a muffin pan. Thanks again.