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Feb 6, 2005 09:14 PM

Diabetes cookbooks?

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Can anyone recommend a good, easy-to-use cookbook for the parents of a diabetic child? Caveat: these folks are not foodies or chowhounds and have to break their kid of his mac ‘n cheese fetish – he’s not the best eater.

My 5-year-old nephew was just diagnosed with Type I diabetes and, while he’s not going on a strict diet (he can have some of his birthday cake next month) as of yet, I thought it might help his parents to have some extra resources in the house.

Thank you.

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  1. i heard this splenda book is good for baking:

    1. 'The Joslin Diabetes Quick and Easy Cookbook'

      1. My first question is - does he take insulin daily?

        1. Unless the kid's doctor says it's necessary for some specific reason, I hope they're not planning to go too crazy, it shouldn't be necessary and trying to be too strict may lead to problems. (The implication that the kid will at some point never be allowed to have any kind of sweets again makes me a little nervous in that regard.) As an aside, if the doctor hasn't already referred them to a good nutritionist with experience in this particular area, they should find one themselves, this isn't something they should be trying to wing on their own. Presumably that person will have suggestions for additional information resources.

          But in the meantime, I can't offer a specific book, but a quick google search came up with what look like some good suggestions as well as useful information generally:

          Below is a link to the Google search I used, there may be other sites worth looking at for you and your brother's or sister's family.


          1. Here's a good site I use for reference material including books and recipes. They push a method known as the Glycemic Index - a quick way of understanding how much of any particular food will affect your blood sugar. It gives you a specific understanding of what effect a dish may have (eg- a 4-ounce serving of spaghetti and tomato sauce) so that you can plan your meals. I'm an insulin dependent type 2 adult, but the principles are the same, and there are many items on the site that speak to type 1, and kids, as well.