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Feb 5, 2005 05:28 AM

what to do with rabbit liver?

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i buy fresh rabbits fairly often. i am told that the liver will show the signs of disease or lack thereof of the animal and so it is always included with the carcass. generally, i don't know how or care to use the organs when cooking. this said it seems silly to be wasteful with it simply because i have no experience with using/cooking with it. the size of the liver is about that of a woman's palm. i like pate and was wondering from a taste/texture stand point that if i were to find a chicken liver pate recipe, could i use the rabbit liver as it's substitute? has anyone done this?
and if not, are there any other uses for rabbit liver?

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  1. My daughter boils chicken liver and uses it as a treat for the family dog. The full-grown dog is quite small...about 9 pounds.

    I have made chopped chicken liver quite often. There's a good recipe in Joan Nathan's book, Jewish Cooking in America.

    I assume that one could do the same with rabbit liver.

    1. Angella,

      I've seen Mario Batali smash the raw liver into the braise liquid.

      ButÂ… I give the raw liver to the dog, Popeye, a red and white Corgi 25 pounds. He likes it and I also don't like to waste.

      Frank, Southern Conn

      1. To reprise in case you are looking here:

        Oh. my.

        Relish it!

        Rabbit liver is the *best* liver, finer even than calf liver. It is delectable. It is a good sign when it is included, and to my mind (and I am not a liver fiend by any stretch) it is the best part.

        Classically, rabbit liver was often used to thicken sauces, due to its mildness. And it's surprising large compared to what you might expect.

        And, yes, you can treat it like poultry liver. It will be a little milder and more delicate.

        1. Just recently I took rabbit liver, sauteed it in a bit of butter, sprinkled it with some seasoning, sliced it and served it on toasted slices of ciabatta (bruschetta style) as a little appetizer for me and my husband before the main course of braised bunny.

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            Yo Annie M,

            Was the ciabatta homebaked or store bought? I've been trying to bake ciabatta the last few times that I baked bread. The results, so far, have been less than desired, but improving. I'm looking for advice.

            1. re: ChiliDude

              I love ciabatta - but I've never tried to bake it. I have a very nice Italian food store near my home where I buy it.