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Feb 4, 2005 01:59 PM

garlic powder

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Is there ever a good reason to use garlic powder rather than fresh garlic? I always see recipes that call for garlic powder, and I'm not sure why I shouldn't jsut use fresh....

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  1. Perhaps for a dry rub?

    1. It's easier to sprinkle into a fresh-popped bag of low-fat popcorn!!

      1. I have used it on cherry tomatoes for broiling, on sauces or dips that I am not gonna blend, dry rubs for seasoning meat, for seasonong roasted red peppers

        1. my mom seasons her daal with it by heating ghee in a tiny pan and then putting the garlic powder in it and then dumping it all into the daal (it'll spatter, so watch out!). the flavor is really good and for sweet (rather than sour) daal, i actually prefer it.

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            Good point. I really don't consider them interchangable at all -- the flavors are too different.

            I think one reason to use garlic powder is that you'll get a more stable flavor profile: fresh garlic changes flavor as it cooks. In something that isn't going to be cooked very long, using fresh garlic instead of powder might get you a more harsh garlic flavor, and in something that cooks a long time the garlic flavor might get too mild.

          2. I use it when I don't want the bite of raw garlic, which is rarely! Garlic powder is useful when making milder food for children.