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Feb 4, 2005 12:30 PM

what can i do with these blood orange peels?

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i cut in half and squeezed about a dozen blood oranges this morning and would like to know what i can do with the little half shells that are left? i hate to discard them, as i am sure i can do *something* with them. any thoughts? thanks.

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  1. candied orange peels.
    then dip them in bsw chocolate.

      1. I've found that most blood orange peels / zest I have tried was bitter and not very good. Taste the peels. See if you like the taste first, then decide if they are worth saving. If so, you can zest them and freeze the zest, or use as others suggest and candy them or otherwise use them. Remember the white pith on the peel can be very nasty bitter so you probably don't want to use the whole peel.

        1. Not food related:
          They are a great way to freshen a garbage disposal. I put all my citrus peels in the garbage disposal.

          (I don't use citrus zest much anymore since I purchased citrus oils--they are easier, and not visible in foods.)

          1. They'd make great little bowls for scoops of dark chocolate ice cream, or blood orange sorbet. If you're having a party; I wouldn't do it just to eat ice cream in front of the tv. :)

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              I've also had orange halves as little bowls for a ceviche-esque scallop dish w/ orange juice and segments. Same deal...I'd want some company to ooh and ahh!