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Feb 3, 2005 08:24 PM

really good dal

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does anyone know of a good dal recipe? if so, would you (please!) be willing to post it?

thanks so much!

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    1. re: hi

      Good recipe. You could also use channa dal (yellow) instead of the masoor dal (red).

      One word of advice: you have to get the oil for the tarka at just the right temperature in order to get the proper quality from the curry leaves and mustard seeds. It's not that hard to do once you've done it once or twice, but if it's not right the first time you may as well start again. The curry leaves, in particular, you want to pop and immediately release an aroma. If the oil is too cool they'll just sizzle and not do much of anything, if it's too hot they'll go straight to being scorched. Fortunately, if there is an error it won't ruin the dish if you just start again. Of course, this has never happened to me ;)

      1. re: Tongo Rad

        this is really useful advice and a great recipe! thanks all! i'll report back..