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Feb 3, 2005 03:18 PM

short ribs? why would I buy them and how to prepare?

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I hear alot about these bad babies, and see they're on sale at the local market.

Is it worth the 2.99/lb?

Thanks for your suggestions.

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  1. To me, they are worth it IF they are lean...I've been very fortunate to find lean, meaty short ribs at Publix here in SW Florida AND beef shanks, too. We don't eat much beef anymore, and we use smaller portions than usual especially with any red meats but I love both of these beef choices once in a while--never had them as a kid growing up....if I'm looking at short ribs with a layer of white fat going thru, I will not buy them. But, by nature, the short ribs do have connective tissue running thru them, therefore the necessity to cook low 'n slow in a liquid, (searing first of course)...there is just something so meaty and earthy about the short ribs as far as flavor, my opinion. Most might enjoy eating a rare steak more, but for me, it's a tough choice...heh, no pun intended.

    1. If you like long, slow-cooked foods that start out gnarly and turn into something wonderfully flavorful and tender, things like osso bucco, lamb shanks, pot roast, etc., you'll love short ribs.

      Here's the outline of a very typical red wine braise: Brown ribs well, remove and set aside, sweat some mirepoix, return ribs, add bouquet garni, salt, and about 50/50 red wine and beef stock to not-quite-cover ribs. Bring to boil on stovetop and then cover and place in 325 oven. Cook for about 2 hrs or longer, turning from time to time, until near falling-apart and meltingly tender. Remove ribs, strain, degrease, and reduce liquid to a near-syrupy consistency. Enrich with a little butter, adjust seasoning, pour over ribs, and serve.

      1. If you do a search on this page for short ribs (click edit, Find, enter short ribs) you will come up with a plethora of reasons and recipes :-) They are great!

        1. Short ribs, if properly prepared, are very tasty.

          As for the price, I think that $2.99 is too much for short ribs. Even when properly trimmed, over half the weight is bone. I wait until they are on sale and under $2. When they are on sale, I will buy 5-10# for future use if I have the freezer space.

          1. Thank you all for your kind replies.
            You've given me tons of inspiration and ideas.

            I think I'll take the advice of waiting til they're a little lower in price.

            The thought of paying $2.99 for something that's mostly bone, could end up costing alot of $$ for basically a stewing dish.

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              Here in southern california, short ribs are made heavenly on Korean BBQ. The meat is marinated and then usually cooked over charcoal (or gas, but charcoal tastes better). The meat comes out raw and marinated in a light, sweet sauce and is beautifully and amazingly marbled. I completely disagree that short ribs should be lean-- when they are marbled and prepared correctly, they are completely tender and succulent.

              Mr. Taster

              1. re: Mr. Taster

                I completely agree with Mr. Taster. I like my short ribs marbled and grilled Korean style. You need to try it. Some Korean grocers in Toronto make marinated short ribs in a tub. That, of course, is even more expensive than plain short ribs from the butcher. Also, I find that Korean grocers carry slightly better quality short ribs in Toronto, more marbled and meaty.

              2. re: hbgrrl

                If I waited until short rib prices fell below $2.99, I'd never eat them. Here in NYC, they're often closer to $4.99.

                Don't be so ossophobic. (is that a word?) The bone gives a lot of flavor to both the meat and the braising liquid. They are called ribs for a reason, after all.