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Feb 3, 2005 02:24 PM

korean fritters

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take a cup of drained kim chee and slice quarter inch thick, slice a bunch of green onions or take a bundle of garlic chives and cut them in half across the middle, thinly slice two or three jalapeno chilies, if you have any other good looking veg around that you're dying to use, slice and add, this is very forgiving recipe. mix together maybe three cups of flour and enough cold water to make a fairly thick batter, like a thick pancake batter, season, mix in the kim chee and veg, wrap and refridgerate until ready to fry. heat a quarter inch of oil, add a couple spoonfuls of batter, spread to thinish pancake with back of spoon, quickly sprinkle exposed side with sesame seeds, flip when brown, brown other side, drain on paper towels, eat.

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    meatless superbowl

    oh sorry forgot, mix some soy sauce, a little sesame oil, chopped garlic, chopped green onion, a pinch of chili powder and a sprinkling of sesame seeds. use as dip.