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Feb 3, 2005 11:28 AM


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I came across a rib eye roast in the back of my freezer that is around 13 months old. It's wrapped in cellophane and butcher paper. I really don't see any freezer burn on it. Do you think it's still good? Thank You

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  1. How do you define good? Whatever else it is, it won't be unhealthy. How well it's held up in terms of texture and flavor will depend mostly on how cold your freezer is and how steadily it holds that temperature. If it stays below 0F and holds a reasonably costant temp, it should be more or less fine, if not as good as one you only kept frozen a few months.

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      Agree with MikeG. I probably would not invest a lot in prep or ingredients though, just in case it is only so-so.