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Feb 3, 2005 10:20 AM

soft food post wisdom teeth

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I thought for a while about which board to post this to, I'll repost if the chowhound heads disagree...

I got my wisdom teeth out yesterday and they want me to eat "soft, nutritious, high carbohydrate' food today. Smoothies are an obvious, any other ideas?


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  1. I don't know if this was a smart thing to do, but when I had all four wisdom teeth out I made myself mushroom risotto and ate that for days (with Hagen Daas chocolate milkshakes of course). It was soft but flavorful.

    1. i love the previous poster's risotto idea. unfortunately when i got mine out i was 16 and not such a cook so i just had some sherbet in between pain killer doses. now, i would make mashed potatoes, chocolate pudding (ok, not so nutritious but the one from is super), rice pudding, polenta, savory cheese/bread puddings, creamed corn, gratineed potatoes...last time i lost weight, this time i wouldn't have!!

      1. Mashed potatoes, applesauce, and chocolate pudding (or any flavor pudding, for that matter) were the first things that came to mind. Anything that *doesn't* leave residual food that could cause dry socket, like chicken noodle soup. Maybe mashed bananas?

        Whatever you do, do NOT suck the smoothie through a straw. It can prevent the blood clot from staying where it's supposed to and healing the extraction. I know this ALL too well from experiencing a mild form of dry socket. You wouldn't wish that on your worst enemy. Well, most people wouldn't, I guess. :-)

        And nothing overly hot for the first few days, as that over-stimulates blood flow, not allowing the clot to "take".

        Oh yes - and most important - get good drugs from your doctor. :-) Good luck!

        1. Thanks for the ideas, especially chocolate pudding! I had a banana shake yesterday. No straws: the doctor was clear on that. I'm having tepid red tea with milk right now, I had savory oatmeal with nettle puree this morning (european jook?) and I plan to suggest to the better half to get busy with the risotto making upon returning home. Yum!

          Off to my very rare day of netflix and naps.


          1. When I had my wisdom teeth out I ate pudding, mashed potatoes, pasta, etc. I was craving textures and found that fish was a good thing to eat after a few days. My first real meal was scallops and they tasted so good! I also found salmon easy to eat. Scrambled eggs were a good one too.