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Feb 3, 2005 01:29 AM

Worcesterhire Sauce

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What is the purpose of this sauce in recipes? What is the flavor profile? - is it salty, sweet, or what? Is it just a useless thing?

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  1. Have you tasted it?

    It's a derivative of a host of fish-based (in this case, anchovies) sauces, which in both Eastern and Western cuisines play a subtle but critical role in flavoring.

    1. d
      Desperate Diner

      Worcestershire sauce is used alot in Britain and Ireland. Apparently the recipe is originally Indian though. It is used alot to make red meat taste more "meaty"- so people use it in marinades, splashed on steak, in any minced beef recipe, and splashed on melted cheese on toast is another very popular one.

      Lee and Perrins is the most famous brand over here for the sauce if you are looking for some

      1. You might find interesting a thread from last month that had to do with the uses (in particular, vegetarian substitutions for it), and the origins of worcestershire sauce. Here's a link:


        1. a
          Amin (London Foodie)

          Those who crave Worcestershire sauce, it is believed,
          stock their pantry by direct shipments from England,
          as lovers of this sauce feel that the product in the
          US (like English chocolates), just does not taste the

          The sauce comprises of Anchovies (possibly those from
          around Northern Spain), this is then blended with
          shallots, garlic, and onions, and supposedly left to
          mature for upto three years.

          It is used as a flavouring and enhancer to make the
          food and/or ingredients rock, such as for example
          it is thought to blow the socks off stocks, other
          sauces, or gravies, and if you have ever had a bloody
          Mary, it is most likely it would have included this
          wonderful sauce.

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          1. re: Amin (London Foodie)

            MY GOD this finally answers why I love my Bloody Caesar’s so Brown! Had no idea about the anchovy.

            1. re: Leanne

              my secret ingredient in bloody caesars is vietnamese fish sauce, along with the worcestershire and hot sauce.

          2. k
            King of Northern Blvd

            Useless???? I think not....