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Feb 2, 2005 05:49 PM

How do they get the BBQ sauce to stick so well?

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When I make anything with barbecue sauce--chicken, pork, etc--the barbecue sauce always seems to cling to the meat only fairly lightly. This happens whether I uyse commercial sauce or make my own.

By contrast, any time I get barbecued meats from a restaurant or even a supermarket, the sauce seems to cling very well to the meat.

What's the secret to getting it to adhere really well?

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  1. Describe your cooking procedure and maybe we can help a bit more.


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      What I do is to bake some chicken (e.g. wings, thighs) or some ribs for a while, then spread some sauce on them and bake some more. I put the sauce on after baking for a while because I don't want to burn the sugar in the sauce.

      Or I'll sautee some chicken parts, then pour off any liquid or fat in the sautee pan, add some sauce, sautee some more at low temp, uncovered.