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Feb 2, 2005 04:08 PM

Oven Searing Results

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Well in lieu of pan searing my pot roast before braising it, I put it in a cast iron skillet and roasted it at 475 in my convection oven.

Even browing
No messy stove-top
More "hands-off"

Takes 45-60 minutes (versus about 12 on a stovetop)

Uses 1 extra pan (skillet & dutch oven)
(was afraid it wouldn't brown well in the dutch oven and I needed to saute the onions and reduce the wine while "oven-searing".)

Meat was tougher (inconclusive because I used a Prime chuck "Clod" roast instead of my typical 7-bone)

I would only oven sear again if cooking an extremely large piece of meat that would not fit easily into my dutch oven, or if I needed to sear more than one roast at one time.

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  1. Another "pro" -- the oven got hot while you were searing the meat, so you didn't need to pre-heat the oven.

    Yesterday I browned a huge chuck roast in the oven in a roasting pan prior to making pot roast. First I made a mix of flour seasoned with salt pepper and paprika, and rubbed that into the meat, then poured EVOO into the pan, and tossed the meat so it had oil on all sides.

    I don't remember how long it took to brown, could have been as much as 30-40 mins. The process rendered a LOT of liquid, which got poured into the dutch oven when I added the meat.

    First, though, while the meat was browning, I also browned leftover flour in EVOO in the dutch oven, put in some bouillon and a little red wine, not quite enough cover the meat. When I put the meat in I also put in parsley and chopped onion.

    The meat braised for three or four hours before I put in the vegetables (potatoes and carrots) and an additional hour or so afterwards.

    Very tender, succulent meat.