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Feb 2, 2005 03:45 PM

Oyster Stew

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I have such a craving for this. I got a recipe for it off which seems pretty easy. I don't have a lot of kitchen experience and never made any kind of soup/stew before. Any tips, hints, words of warning?

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  1. Oyster stew is simple, but drain the oysters well in a colander in the fridge. Add the oyster liquor to the cream and butter and whatever else is specified in the recipe. Do not add the oysters until you are ready to serve it and then just heat the oysters until the edges ruffle and then get it off the heat so that you do not overcook the oysters and they stay tender. It just takes a few minutes.

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      Yup, what Candy said. In two words: Be gentle.

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        You are absolutely right about adding the oysters at the end.

        I can't keep myself from adding just a sprinkle of Old Bay and a dash of Lea and Perrins.

      2. Well whatever you do, don't follow the recipe in a recent cooking sheet from the CIA. It recommends a cup of milk and 2!! oysters per serving.

        The last bowl of oyster stew I had on the Maryland Eastern Shore had at least 2 DOZEN oysters in it.

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          Caitlin Wheeler

          I made it for Christmas Eve this year (used the recipe in the New York Times Cookbook) and each person ended up with 1-2 oysters. These were, however, the biggest oysters I've ever seen in my life -- about the size of a pork chop! With the richness of the cream, we all had plenty.

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            I hate those big oysters. They are too flabby. Give me nice small oysters that can be consumed in one bite.

        2. I gently simmer the oysters in their liquor, until the edges start to curl, and add hot milk and/or cream to that. Melt in some butter. Salt and pepper. Don't boil. That's it.