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Feb 2, 2005 02:06 PM

Almond Roca Cookie Bars

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I found this product (see link) on it's own display case in the local grocery store, brought some home, and everbody absolutely loved them. Thought I'd share. (Careful, though, you add a lot of butter)

They are actually a product from Continental Mills (253-872-8400) and just have the rights to use the real Brown & Haly Almond Roca bits and their name on the product packaging.

If you like Almond Roca, you will definitely like these!


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  1. If you're on the west coast...check your Savon/Osco drug store. My local store had this on clearance for 99c a box and there was quite a bit of it. Bought one to try but haven't made it yet so can't comment.