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Feb 2, 2005 11:03 AM

Smoked gouda scallopped potato-what to serve with?

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For Valentines Day I wanted to make scallopped potatoes w/ smoked gouda, I'm not sure what entree to serve with it?

I would like an entree that would be OK to fix on a Monday night and work with the smoky richness of the side. Lamb? Duck?

Any suggestions or recipes would be greatly appreciated!

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  1. I served smoked gouda scalloped potatoes with garlic and rosemary with a maple and rosemary pork loin and a spinach salad. The rosemary tied the two together and the sweet maple was a nice contrast to the smokey potatoes.

    The loin was made my quickly searing the loin on the stove top in a bit of oil. Adding in dark maple syrup and fresh rosemary until the rosemary is fragrant, adding the pork (and any collected juices) back into the syrup and then popping in the overn until the pork is done.

    We all loved this combo!

    1. would you post the recipe?

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        It is based on an epicurious recipe for scalloped potatoes. I'm linking challenged but it is basically

        Melt 3 T. Butter, whisk in 1/4 C. flour cook roux til golden, whisk in slowly 2 c. liquid (I usually use chicken broth and a little bit of cream), when thickened slightly stir in grated smoked gouda add any herbs season w/s&p.

        Layer sauce w/ thin sliced potatoes and bake at 350.

        It is really tasty with left over ham layered in, served with a salad it makes a great 'comfort' food meal!

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        How about Rack of Lamb? Easy to make, great dish for two people. It's my "go-to" dish for a romantic meal for two during the week, since prep time is minimal. Also a roasted meat dish like this isn't too rich or saucy, which will be a nice complement to the potatoes.

        I make a crust of dijon mustard, rosemary and fresh bread crumbs for the rack of lamb, and serve it with mint pesto.

        In additions to the scallopped potatoes, maybe serve with sauteed spinach as well.